Laurens van der Blom
Laurens van der Blom

Software architect. Security professional (CISSP). Fitness/bootcamp guru. Obstacle runner. Ski lunatic.


Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Even though this is simply a blogging website, I want to set the correct example and employ best practices security-wise. Therefore, this website has been tested with the following tools on 30 March 2020, resulting in the following maximum scores:

Email security at my provider TransIP is not yet optimal. I've already enquired them about it. As soon as they've solved this issue, I will update this page.


Citation: When security risks in web services are discovered by independent security researchers who understand the severity of the risk, they often lack the channels to disclose them properly. As a result, security issues may be left unreported. security.txt defines a standard to help organizations define the process for security researchers to disclose security vulnerabilities securely.

This page reflects this principle in order to provide a standardised way to get in touch with me if you have found anything security-related, which you wish to disclose with me. Currently, this covers only this website, but in the future there may be others that fall under my administration. Basically, this is the central page regarding security matters for everything that I do and own.

For more information, please read the following before doing anything: